About Us

Singfar International

At Singfar Group, we’re at the forefront of transforming maritime logistics, pioneering a path towards sustainable and efficient shipping. Our mission is to facilitate international trade through an eco-friendly logistics and trading platform, merging innovation with environmental responsibility.

Founded with sustainability at its core, Singfar is redefining the global shipping landscape, making us the go-to partner for greener logistics and trade solutions.


Singfar is committed to driving value by embracing change, fostering innovation, and nurturing talent.
Singfar is navigating the swift currents of change, responding to new environmental regulations and technological breakthroughs. We’re leveraging the latest in fuel technologies and ship management systems to boost efficiency and set new standards.
Understanding the maritime sector’s key role in combating climate change, Singfar has developed a clear, actionable roadmap for decarbonization. Our commitment is to lead with purpose, ensuring our actions today pave the way for a sustainable legacy and meaningful impact for our stakeholders.